The colour of memories ~ ^^

1. října 2011 v 11:38 |  Wonderland ~ ♥
11. dubna 2011 v 18:46

Sometimes when I feel the cold and distance
of the depths of insanity I'm sinking into,

I allow myself to sedate my mind
with my memories of you ...

And I recall the soft fragrance of cotton candy, a cup of strawberry tea with cane sugar and calmly flaring incenses, leaving a trace of sweet cherry-wood scent. The glare of the fireplace and colourful autumn days, your light-hearted smile and blushing cheeks. All the beautiful moments shared, warm, fragile.

And then, by the time I had closed my eyes,
absorbed in the frailest thoughts ...
The whole world is shining once again.
Thank you ... ^^

Thank you for the sweetest time in Wonderland
that I had been allowed to spend together with you.